Learn to surf

Learn to surf in Senggigi Lombok island.

Learn to surf is another activities you can try before trekking. Having fun in the water will refresh your mind. Duration for these water activities only 2 hours.

For surfing activities you will be accompanied by professional instructor from Nayaka Surf School Senggigi Lombok.

Surf Lessons plan:

1. Intro (theory ) basic theory of surf for 10 minutes.
2. Beach practicals ( 20 minutes )
3. Go surfing – 50 minutes.
4. Break for drink – 10 minutes.
5. Back for another surf ( season 2 ) 50 minutes.
6. Finish

learn to surf

During this lesson you will learn:

  • The different designs and functions of the surfboard
  • Basic board skills:
    1. How to position your body while paddling and how to paddle efficiently
    2. Where to position yourself in the waves so you can catch the waves
    3. In what way you have to take off
    4. What is the best body positioning while riding the waves
  • How to get into a basic wave and ride the wave
  • To observe and analyze the surfing area and evaluate the safest place to enter and exit the area
  • Safety measures and surfing etiquette

Price US$40/person with minimum 2-person to book the surfing activities.

The price includes:

  1. Pick up in Senggigi area
  2. Surf board rental
  3. Surf instructor
  4. Wet suit/shirt
  5. Booties/reef shoes
  6. Mineral water
  7. Government tax

For further information please contact us via email or Whatsapp to +628197499992

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