Sembalun trekking route

Sembalun Trekking route with grand savanna view

Sembalun trekking route is offers grass savanna with gentle winds, along the way climbers will enjoy the view of the vast savanna meadow so that fatigue will be reduced by the beautiful scenery on this path.

Starting altitude is 1100 above sea level, so there are no humid conditions to deal with. First half or more of the trek is literally a breeze.

Starting from the entrance gate of Sembalun to crater Rim Sembalun will take about 7-8 hours, with 10 km distance.

sembalun trekking route

What you will see?

  1. Offers grand views of the grass savanna over the eastern entrance
  2. Spectacular Sunset views of the Lake Segara Anak
  3. Best sunrise over the summit
  4. Amazing view from crater RIM Sembalun
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