Senaru Trekking Company

Eco Friendly Trekking, just leave your footprint, a green plantet is a clean planet is our mission

We really care about the environment around Rinjani Mountain. We believe we can keep it clean together by leaving nothing but our footprints and taking the garbage out.

In an effort to maintain the majestic Mount Rinjani for generations to come, Senaru Trekking Company will refund 5% of the booking fee for any individual returning to the base of Rinjani with a bag full of rubbish collected on the volcano.

In addition to the 5% discount off booking, those who help us clean up Rinjani will receive a free t-shirt

We thank you for helping us to keep Rinjani clean and we hope you enjoy the amazing views that the mountains have to offer. With your help, we hope to provide this wonderful experience for generations to come!

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