Senaru trekking route

Senaru Trekking Route the shadow hiking trail

Senaru trekking route offers a shadow hiking trail from Post 2 at an altitude of 1,500 m to Post 3 at an altitude of 2,000 above sea level. We will pass through a very dense tropical forest. From post 3 to the crater Rim of Senaru, the stunning scenery will be seen as an encouragement to keep going.

From the entrance gate to Crater Rim Senaru takes 6 hours walk with a distance about 9km. This is a long journey so trekker must have a good stamina or be able to do exercise at least one month before the trekking begins.

Along the way, you will find several resting places called POS.

senaru trekking route

What you will see ?

  1. Pass grand tropical forest with shadow trails
  2. Jungle atmosphere, bird sound, see wild animal such as black monkeys, brown monkeys, pig, deers, etc.
  3. Spectacular view of Gili island, villages and green tropical forest
  4. Best view of Segara Anak from Crater Rim Senaru
  5. Beautiful sunset and sunrise over Segara Anak Lake view
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